Johannes Deml
Hamburg, Germany

Start of development:
July 22, 2014


Press / Business Contact:


Johannes Deml
Mühlendamm 86
20087 Hamburg

+49 (0) 176 47 353431


A bubblewrap multiplayer experience at its finest; 7 clicks away is easy to play and scalable to millions of players. The game is fast as hell and can be played for five minutes or several hours, a bit like the innocent joy of cat videos. As simple as the game mechanics may seem as powerful are the implications once the players dig deeper. The game consists of seven levels in which all players compete against on another at the same time. The game also never stops until there is one winner, then the game is over forever. The game rewards long time players, but every new player still has a fair chance of winning the game.Even though there are hundreds of millions of clicks needed to end the game a single individual can win the game within 7 clicks.


Development status

So where are we right now? We had an open beta for one week in Austria, in which about 80 player made 300.000 clicks. The feedback was very positive, but we had the problem that we didn’t reach enough people for the game to be fun. The game works stable on all tested devices and the server didn’t have any serious problems so far. Right now Benno is focusing on a good soundtrack for the game which changes for each level. Johannes is working on localization as well as statistics for the game. The game will be released this year, probably around October.





Bachelor thesis on the game development progress of 7 clicks away by Johannes Deml (Feb. 2015)